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Saturday 20 December 2014

Queretaro has air cargo potential for foreign trade

Mexico City,- According to a study made by the Mexican Transportation Institute, Instituto Mexicano del Transporte (IMT), Queretaro, due to its geographical location in central Mexico, has a significant potential to become a point to receive foreign trade air cargo, because out of the 1,323 companies at the State, 938 were found to have potential to generate air cargo for the international market.

The study “Determining Air Cargo Potential in Alternative Airports”, made by Alfonso Herrera Garcia, Jorge Martinez Antonio and Omar Gonzalez Moreno, says that according to the Communications and Transportation Sectorial Program, there is the problem of keeping deficit airports operating, but they are necessary for the country’s regional development, because in some way they may contribute to the consolidation of transportation multimodal system.

The work was made based on the application of a Geographic Information System (GIS), which allowed determining the area of influence; then, highway infrastructure between companies and Queretaro Airport was analyzed, showing a total of 1,323 companies, of which 152 export goods, 310 import goods and 476 make both imports and exports.

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