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Friday 28 November 2014

New Calor y Control plant in 2013

++calorycontrol++Queretaro.- Calor y Control will start operations in January 2013 at their new plant located in El Marquez municipality to manufacture furnaces, Jorge Casillas Corominas, CEO, informed.

Calor y Control invested US$300,000 in the construction of the new plant. Plans are to start transferring production in the first fortnight of December, for operations kick-off in January 2013.

The total land surface is 2,000 square meters (21.527,733 sq. ft.); however, around 750 square meters (8.072,900 sq. ft.) are considered for the first stage.

The production of electric furnaces to be manufactured at the new facilities is the result of a technological project developed with the support of Universidad Tecnologica de San Juan del Rio; which purpose is providing lighter furnaces with higher technology and several enhancements.

The new plant is part of the plan to triple electric furnaces production, to go from 10 to 30 electric furnaces per year.

The Company’s plans are to increase exports to the Latin American market from 12% of their production to 15%; but this will depend on Free Trade Agreements, mainly as far as freight is concerned, because due to the size of the electric furnaces freight accounts for a significant portion of the cost.


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