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Monday 22 December 2014

NSS Oaxaca

Maquiladora industry increasingly dependent on incentives

Toluca.– Maquiladora industry in Mexico has shown weakness and vulnerability signs before structural changes and is increasingly dependent on

Rebound in Oaxaca’s economy expected for 2010

Oaxaca Oaxaca,- After a year of world-wide economic crisis, a rebound of 3% economic growth in trade and tourism sectors is expected by the summer of 2010, Fredy Alcantara Carrillo, Oaxaca’s Economic Development Sub-secretary, assured.

Mexican Peso keeps on gaining strength

Mexico City,- Mexican Peso continues gaining strength agaisnt US Dollar, thanks to market liquidity arising from the continued sale of long positions by financial brokers, as well as weakness of US Dollar against the main currencies in the world.

Current Mexican Peso – US Dollar rate of exchange reached

Employment expected to recover in 2010

Oaxaca, Oaxaca,- Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Ruiz, Representative of the Ministry of Labor in the State of Oaxaca, considers employment will recover in 2010 in Oaxaca after harsh conditions experienced in 2009.

Ms. Gonzalez pointed-out that this recovery will be rather small, without providing any figures, and further said that it will be in the first quarter of this year

400 thousand jobs to be generated in 2010: Private Sector

Mexico City,- The Private Sector’s Economic Studies Center, Centro de Estudios Economicos del Sector Privado (CEESP) is forecasting a 3% growth and the generation of 400 thousand jobs next year, which will depend on the economic rebound in the USA and on a stronger Mexican
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