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Sunday 21 December 2014

Mexico has the potential to increase exports

The World Bank assures Mexico has the potential to increase its exports by more than 20% expectations that are shared by the Mexican authorities.

Beatriz Leycegui, International Trade Negotiations in the Ministry of the Economy, said: “As much as Mexico eliminates many obstacles there are for trade, as much as it makes its border crossings easier, Mexico will increase its trade with other countries; the diagnosis is increasing Mexico’s trade with the rest of the world by 21%”.

During a meeting held by businessmen with authorities in the trade sector, the private sector assured that the few advances in this area represent high costs.

Lorenzo Ysasi, Chairman of Mexico City’s Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism said: “We may say that in Mexico companies could increase their profits by 10% or 15% on what is related to exports red tape at Customs, taking into consideration that international trade in Mexico amounts to close to MEP$15 billion or MEP$20 billion”.

It is therefore necessary that as far as trade policies is concerned, work continues in bilateral and regional fronts.


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