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Saturday 20 December 2014

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Europlast will open a plant in Queretaro

With an initial investment for US$1.6 million, Europlast will install a new plant in Queretaro, devoted to the automotive industry...

There will be more companies in the aerospace sector

The aerospace outlook shows growth for the Mexican industry, where the number of domestic companies related to this sector is expected to...

Inauguration of automotive plant in Puebla announced

Gestamp, a supplier for the automotive industry, informed that they will inaugurate a plant in Puebla, the company’s fourth in Mexico and second to be established in Puebla...

“More investment coming”: César Duarte

At times when Mexico’s economy is expected to take on a momentum in the second half of this year...

DuPont opens a Research Center in southeastern Mexico

With an investment amounting to US$3 million, DuPont Pioneer inaugurated their fourth Seeds Research Center at Chiapas, which
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