Why is BMW not afraid of Trump?

The BMW investment was thought out to export ‘to the rest of the world', unlike other investment projects focused on supplying the U.S. market. If President Trump imposes a customs fee to vehicles imported from Mexico

Toyota: no regrets on Mexico sourcing plans

Toyota officials say they aren't having second thoughts about plans to build a new assembly plant in Mexico for Corolla small-car production, despite U.S. government threats of a 20% border tax on Mexican imports.

JFE Holdings to build plant in Mexico

JFE Holdings, a Japanese steel manufacturer, is planning to build a steel plant in Mexico, closely observing President Trump's policies, which could tear apart a regional commercial pact, informed Shinichi Okada, VP of JFE.

Manufacturing in Durango, Mexico

Manufacturing companies from the U.S., China, and all over the world are establishing business operations in Durango, Mexico in increasing numbers. This newly discovered city is now being revealed as Mexico’s best kept secret.

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