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Monday 01 September 2014

El Diario de Chihuahua

  • Nokia brings investment and technology to Mexico

    Reynosa, Tamaulipas- Nokia will invest US$60 million in its plant located in Tamaulipas between. 2008 and 2009, to install equipment to manufacture their mobile communication devices.

    Jeff Marquis, General Manager for Nokia Reynosa, said that only two other plants – in the 10-plant network this manufacturer has all over the world – have this state-of-the-art technology (China and India).

    They are machines with a high design that make them work faster and have increasingly smaller components, as El Universal could see during a visit to the facilities that produce cell phones mainly for markets in Mexico, North and South America.

    Operations in this plant have made of Nokia the number one exporter in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, and number five at a national level, according to data from the Ministry of the Economy.
  • New aeronautics company coming to Chihuahua; will invest US$85 million

    Chihuahua, Chih- A new company in the aeronautics sector will. announce its arrival to Chihuahua within a few days, with US$85 million investment, to reach committed capital for US$1.905 billion at the State in the next few months, Alejandro Cano Ricaud informed.

    Mr. Cano, Minister of Industrial Development, said that there have been four new companies in the aerospace cluster announcing their arrival in less than two months, because last July Manoir Industries, Nordam Group and CAV Aerospace officially announced a joint investment for US$40 million at the State.

    There are several companies in this field operating in Chihuahua, such as Honeywell Aerospace, Labinal Safran Group, SGI-Electro Switch, Textron Cessna, Aerosan, Cambian Industries, Capsonic Automotive & Aerospace; Hawcker Beechcraft, Corporation Zodiac and Air Cruisers.

    Mr. Cano pointed-out that Chihuahua is ahead of other states this year attracting investment in the aeronautics sector, from companies that have seen the State as a site with high competitiveness.

    Regarding investment to be made at Chihuahua, he reminded that Ford announced investments for US$830 million; Foxconn will invest US$200 million; Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc will invest US$750 million; the aeronautics companies Manoir, Nordam and CAV will add US$40 million and the new operation to be announced is planning to inject US$85
    million more.
  • Companies will generate 370 direct jobs

    As a result of economic promotion policies being followed by Governor Ismael Hernandez Deras and. City Mayor Ricardo Rebollo Mendoza, the companies Armadora de Motos Aprisa and Reverte, of Chinese and Spaniard origin respectively, confirmed investments in Gomez Palacio.

    In a City Council Meeting held last Thursday August 7th, Mayor Rebollo Mendoza informed that the Chinese company Armadora de Motos Aprisa will be established in the fourth section of Lagunero Industrial Park, in a building occupying one and a half hectares; while the Spaniard company Reverte, manufacturer of calcium carbonate will establish in Dinamita.

    “This adds to the India-based company that is already established here and positions Gomez Palacio as an open city, where conditions are being generated so that more companies come here”, Rebollo Mendoza further said.

    “We want this type of investments which stay, which are forever, which provide assurance to employees and which contribute to attracting more investment and most of all lift the spirit in the whole region”, he said.

    The Chinese company is planning to assemble 3 thousand motorcycles per month and has forecasted an initial generation of 300 jobs, with an also initial investment of US$20 million; MEP$199 million at the rate of exchange on this Thursday August 7th.

    The Spaniard company Reverte is forecasting an initial generation of 70 direct jobs and a US$70 million investment, equal to MEP$689.5 million, at current rate of exchange.
  • More than 20 thousand laid off by maquiladoras

    Maquiladora industry is going through one of its worst moments as far as jobs generation is. concerned, especially in plants of the automotive branch, because they have already lost more than 20 thousand jobs from January to July, according to Asociacion de Maquiladoras, A.C.

    Based on lost jobs count disclosed by AMAC throughout the year, from January to April there were 10 thousand workers fired from the factories sector; one month later the figure was increased to 15 thousand, while by July the figure triggered above 20 thousand.

    Cutting down 20 thousand jobs is due to the impact of economic deceleration in the USA, labor conflicts and strikes by suppliers of automobiles factories there, as well as drop in sales of high cylinders vehicles, among other factors, Sandra Montijo-Dubrule, Chairwoman of Maquiladoras Association, declared.

    “We have seen jobs loss mainly in the automotive sector due to the US economy’s deceleration and low sales of heavy vehicles, such as pick-up trucks and eight-cylinder cars”, she said.

    Ms. Montijo-Dubrule considers the crisis in the automotive industry should find a way out with the manufacture of compact and low-fuel consumption vehicles, such as 4-cylinder cars, which are having a large demand in the US market due to high fuel prices.