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Friday 19 December 2014

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The Tecma Group of Companies’ entities gain certification for Mexican VAT tax exemption

One of the consequences of the broad tax reforms passed last year by the Mexican Congress is that companies operating as maquiladoras in...

Alfa will invest US$700 million in Altamira electric plant in 2015

Grupo Alfa will invest up to US$700 million in an electric power generation plant located in Altamira, Tamaulipas; the first stage of its construction will start in...

Eosol Energy will increase investments

With over 14 photovoltaic electric power generation projects, Eosol Energy will increase their investments in Mexico to reach...

Mexico manufactures 85% of pieces for the aerospace sector

The Mexican market currently manufactures 85% of the metal-mechanic pieces used by the aerospace sector in Portugal, Germany, China, and Spain...

Rassini grows capacity by 40% at their Puebla plant

Rassini, the breaks and shock absorbers manufacturer, invested US$24 million to expand 40% their installed capacity at their smelting plant...
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